Fabian Stürmer-Heiber

Fabian Stürmer-Heiber

PhD Economist (working in the industry)

LMU Munich


I am a PhD Economist from the LMU Munich, where I was part of the International Graduate Program Evidence-Based Economics. My thesis advisors were Joachim Winter and Dominik Sachs. After my PhD, I joined Allianz and am currently working in the German retail P&C business.

My research fields focused labor and family economics, as well as public finance.

During my PhD, I worked with large administrative & survey datasets using state-of-the-art econometrics / data-science methods to evaluate past and currently proposed policies. On the one hand, I exploited spatial and temporal quasi-experimental variation for causal inference. On the other hand, I also built and estimated structural models to investigate counterfactuals that are beyond the scope of natural experiments.

You can find my dissertation here (please note that some of the projects are continued by my coauthors, e.g. the versions included in my dissertation are not the most recent ones).

Download my academic CV.